unsalted pistachio

export unsalted pistachio nuts to EU

unsalted pistachio nuts are one of the most famous agricultural products around the word the most famous producer of  pistachios are Iran and US. this products play an important role in universal markets every year large amount of unsalted pistachios export to other countries. between Iran and US, is in the first place of exporting pistachios food. Needless to say every country have their unique laws to import goods to their countries specially  European Union’s countries have strict rules.

for importing pistachios to these countries some certificate should accompany the goods in order the get access to enter. For example the most important parameter is Aflatoxin certificate also European experiment this parameter in the destination port if the result of test was at standard level, import would be issued, if it was slightly above the Union citation rate the load would be rejected, but if the amount of poison was at a dangerous level, the load would be delayed indefinitely.

unsalted pistachio nuts for sale

as we said unsalted pistachios nuts is one the most important exporting products of a country. it export with different type, size and flavor

  • salty
  • lemon juice
  • pepper
  • saffron (in many cases saffron and lemon juice together uses)

unsalted pistachio nuts

these are popular flavor among people around the world. but some people want their pistachios in different flavor so they buy unsalted pistachio nuts in bulk then process them base in their culture and peoples need after that they with small packing they sell  pistachios.

unsalted pistachio nuts

to buy qualify pistachios and its products like kernels with Advisers of Mahan Mehr Darys to find what you exactly need with the best prices available in market and find easiest ans fast way to export goods to your country Without the least waste of time, with all the certificates required for the destination country.

raw pistachios

sell raw pistachios for green kernels

raw pistachios in most of the time picked for their green kernels, these type of pistachios are very useful in industries like

  • meat industry
  •  candy and sweets
  • casmatics

these companies use one kind of pistachio kernels based on their need.

green kernels based on their color and size categorized in 7 grades

  1. grade S or super green kernels which are most green kernels in market
  2. grade A
  3. grade B
  4. grade C
  5. grade D
  6. grade E
  7. grade F

raw pistachios

as you see in the picture in these grades kernels don’t have that pink skin in other word the surface is completely green, However these raw pistachio are some how expensive

why raw pistachios are so expensive

picking these pistachios started  a month sooner than usual time in order to get that perfect green color after. pricing of these is base on amount of super green pistachio kernels. the amount of S grade kernels. most of the time are less than other grade on some cases pistachio bulks don’t have super green kernels so the prices become more expensive than others.

as we said pink skin of kernels separated from kernels. Producing this sample from the pistachio kernel is that at first we break the bony skin of raw pistachio then  by boiler and boiling water the shell of the brain separated from kernels and then graded by sorting devices based on the color of the pistachio nuts.

in these process some kernels may break to different parts like pistachio in grade F, these kernels are less expensive than others also they are a wonderful choice for making pistachio powder or use in things which shouldn’t be complete.

these pistachios and kernels are famous around the world, every year after harvesting kal pistachios bossiness mans come to buy these pistachios in bulk an exporting them to their countries

where to buy pistachio nuts in bulk

buy pistachio nuts by using internet help people to to find their needs easily in bulk or any quantity they need also it is important to know where we should look for pistachios in other to find it in best prices.

pistachios have 4 main categories among these 4, round pistachios in other word fandoghi is popular this is because of its prices, in every country price is one of the main aspects of shopping, people want to buy their needs as cheap as possible with high quality so around the world fandoghi and ahmad aghaei pistachio are more famouse than others. but the point is where we should buy pistachio nuts?


what countries produced pistachio nuts

this year 2 important countries which produced pistachio are USA and IRAN In the meantime, despite the fact that Iran had the main and largest producer of pistachio, Iran has given its place to the United States in recent years and now US is known as the largest producer and exporter of pistachios in the world and Iran is in second place.

Needles to say there are other countries that pistachios nuts harvested from their agricultural land, Turkey is one of them but Iranian pistachios have the best quality among all however buy pistachio nuts from Iran is very difficult than other countries because of Iranian sanctions.

pistachio nuts

various industries like meat industry, especially sausage production uses Pistachio kernels widely.

to fulfill theses company’s need pink skin on their kernels, in other word, the pink part of the pistachio kernels separated from the kernels so we have green kernels.

these kernels categorize in in different grades based on their color and size of pistachio kernels

pistachio kernels

to produce these kernels, we buy closed mouth pistachios in bulk 2 month earlier that usual picked time in order to get green pistachios.





buy pistachio green kernel

What are the type of kernels that gain  from kal (raw) pistachios? what kind of kernels usually export and to which country ?
One of the most important pistachio products is the pistachio kernels. among them kal kernels is the most popular ones.
kal (raw) pistachio, as its name implies, is not rip, and the sooner we harvest this products, the color of the them is greener. It used extensively in the sausage and meat industry as well as in the production of various kinds of sweets.

Normal pistachio kernels

The ordinary pistachio kernel is the kal pistachio with out any additional operations which is a good type for sweets, but because of skinny peel which covered them as compared to the other kind of kernels which don’t have that peel ( du pust)  have less demands on the market but it’s much more affordable than the price of the du post kernels.

peeled (du pust) pistachio kernels

The kal (raw) pistachio kernels obtained from kal pistachios which harvested from tree sooner than usual, after than picking pistachios and breaking the bonny skin after that by using steam the white cover the surface of kernels removed then the kernels sorted by their color and size into 6 category S, A, B, C, D and F among them grade S has big kernels with dark green color

different types of pistachio nuts in iran

How are bulk pistachios transported? How can pistachio prices fluctuate in Rafsanjan?
Major and bulk pistachios have the highest sales and more than 80% of pistachio growers buy this product at a better price.
Transportation of large pistachios and bulk If exposed to moisture, it is necessary to use plastic, which is possible with either double-layer or vacuum-packed sacks, and if not the same single-layer dough is sufficient.

Prices of pistachios in the market of Rafsanjan

One of the main references to Iran’s pistachio price is the Rafsanjan market, which plays a decisive role in pistachio prices, but like many others, external factors also affect it, such as currency price fluctuations as well as global prices Pistachios, so if they are fluctuating, the price of bulk pistachio, which will be the basis for rates, will change in Rafsanjan.

types pistachio

different types of pistachio food prices in iran

The role of the Rafsanjian market is no doubt about the pricing of commercial pistachios, because it is the largest producer of this product.
The role of the major producing cities of a product is unmatched in determining the price because of its large volume of production, and usually a gathering of producers comes together to buy a pistachio price, and then the role The market is coming.
In addition to the largest producer of pistachio, Rafsanjan plays an unbelievable role in determining the price of pistachios.

Pistachio market in Rafsanjan

The Rafsanjan Pistachio Market is also known as the largest pistachio market in Iran, and spreads all kinds of pistachios and pistachios to the whole of Iran, and even the bazaar of this city along with Pistachio Company, great performers in determining the price of Iranian pistachio and the effect Transitions are global.

export pistachio food to finland

How are the pistachio cereals used to export to the European Union? Aflatoxin certification Which region of Iran is valid for the countries of Finland and Germany?
Pistachio food are one of the main products of pistachio products and constitute a high percentage of non-oil exports of Iran, the product is used for export to the European Union countries, and is usually used in two forms of coffee and also Hazelnut pistachios are exported to these countries.
The first and foremost feature of the export of pistachios in the countries of Finland and Germany is that the amount of Aflatoxin is low and targeted by these countries, which has increased sensitivity to this product.