different types of pistachio nuts in iran

How are bulk pistachios transported? How can pistachio prices fluctuate in Rafsanjan?
Major and bulk pistachios have the highest sales and more than 80% of pistachio growers buy this product at a better price.
Transportation of large pistachios and bulk If exposed to moisture, it is necessary to use plastic, which is possible with either double-layer or vacuum-packed sacks, and if not the same single-layer dough is sufficient.

Prices of pistachios in the market of Rafsanjan

One of the main references to Iran’s pistachio price is the Rafsanjan market, which plays a decisive role in pistachio prices, but like many others, external factors also affect it, such as currency price fluctuations as well as global prices Pistachios, so if they are fluctuating, the price of bulk pistachio, which will be the basis for rates, will change in Rafsanjan.

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