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What are the type of kernels that gain  from kal (raw) pistachios? what kind of kernels usually export and to which country ?
One of the most important pistachio products is the pistachio kernels. among them kal kernels is the most popular ones.
kal (raw) pistachio, as its name implies, is not rip, and the sooner we harvest this products, the color of the them is greener. It used extensively in the sausage and meat industry as well as in the production of various kinds of sweets.

Normal pistachio kernels

The ordinary pistachio kernel is the kal pistachio with out any additional operations which is a good type for sweets, but because of skinny peel which covered them as compared to the other kind of kernels which don’t have that peel ( du pust)  have less demands on the market but it’s much more affordable than the price of the du post kernels.

peeled (du pust) pistachio kernels

The kal (raw) pistachio kernels obtained from kal pistachios which harvested from tree sooner than usual, after than picking pistachios and breaking the bonny skin after that by using steam the white cover the surface of kernels removed then the kernels sorted by their color and size into 6 category S, A, B, C, D and F among them grade S has big kernels with dark green color

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