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export unsalted pistachio nuts to EU

unsalted pistachio nuts are one of the most famous agricultural products around the word the most famous producer of  pistachios are Iran and US. this products play an important role in universal markets every year large amount of unsalted pistachios export to other countries. between Iran and US, is in the first place of exporting […]

sell raw pistachios for green kernels

raw pistachios in most of the time picked for their green kernels, these type of pistachios are very useful in industries like meat industry  candy and sweets casmatics these companies use one kind of pistachio kernels based on their need. green kernels based on their color and size categorized in 7 grades grade S or […]

where to buy pistachio nuts in bulk

buy pistachio nuts by using internet help people to to find their needs easily in bulk or any quantity they need also it is important to know where we should look for pistachios in other to find it in best prices. pistachios have 4 main categories among these 4, round pistachios in other word fandoghi […]

buy pistachio green kernel

What are the type of kernels that gain  from kal (raw) pistachios? what kind of kernels usually export and to which country ? One of the most important pistachio products is the pistachio kernels. among them kal kernels is the most popular ones. kal (raw) pistachio, as its name implies, is not rip, and the […]

different types of pistachio nuts in iran

How are bulk pistachios transported? How can pistachio prices fluctuate in Rafsanjan? Major and bulk pistachios have the highest sales and more than 80% of pistachio growers buy this product at a better price. Transportation of large pistachios and bulk If exposed to moisture, it is necessary to use plastic, which is possible with either […]

export pistachio food to finland

How are the pistachio cereals used to export to the European Union? Aflatoxin certification Which region of Iran is valid for the countries of Finland and Germany? Pistachio food are one of the main products of pistachio products and constitute a high percentage of non-oil exports of Iran, the product is used for export to […]