raw pistachios

sell raw pistachios for green kernels

raw pistachios in most of the time picked for their green kernels, these type of pistachios are very useful in industries like

  • meat industry
  •  candy and sweets
  • casmatics

these companies use one kind of pistachio kernels based on their need.

green kernels based on their color and size categorized in 7 grades

  1. grade S or super green kernels which are most green kernels in market
  2. grade A
  3. grade B
  4. grade C
  5. grade D
  6. grade E
  7. grade F

raw pistachios

as you see in the picture in these grades kernels don’t have that pink skin in other word the surface is completely green, However these raw pistachio are some how expensive

why raw pistachios are so expensive

picking these pistachios started  a month sooner than usual time in order to get that perfect green color after. pricing of these is base on amount of super green pistachio kernels. the amount of S grade kernels. most of the time are less than other grade on some cases pistachio bulks don’t have super green kernels so the prices become more expensive than others.

as we said pink skin of kernels separated from kernels. Producing this sample from the pistachio kernel is that at first we break the bony skin of raw pistachio then  by boiler and boiling water the shell of the brain separated from kernels and then graded by sorting devices based on the color of the pistachio nuts.

in these process some kernels may break to different parts like pistachio in grade F, these kernels are less expensive than others also they are a wonderful choice for making pistachio powder or use in things which shouldn’t be complete.

these pistachios and kernels are famous around the world, every year after harvesting kal pistachios bossiness mans come to buy these pistachios in bulk an exporting them to their countries