unsalted pistachio

export unsalted pistachio nuts to EU

unsalted pistachio nuts are one of the most famous agricultural products around the word the most famous producer of  pistachios are Iran and US. this products play an important role in universal markets every year large amount of unsalted pistachios export to other countries. between Iran and US, is in the first place of exporting pistachios food. Needless to say every country have their unique laws to import goods to their countries specially  European Union’s countries have strict rules.

for importing pistachios to these countries some certificate should accompany the goods in order the get access to enter. For example the most important parameter is Aflatoxin certificate also European experiment this parameter in the destination port if the result of test was at standard level, import would be issued, if it was slightly above the Union citation rate the load would be rejected, but if the amount of poison was at a dangerous level, the load would be delayed indefinitely.

unsalted pistachio nuts for sale

as we said unsalted pistachios nuts is one the most important exporting products of a country. it export with different type, size and flavor

  • salty
  • lemon juice
  • pepper
  • saffron (in many cases saffron and lemon juice together uses)

unsalted pistachio nuts

these are popular flavor among people around the world. but some people want their pistachios in different flavor so they buy unsalted pistachio nuts in bulk then process them base in their culture and peoples need after that they with small packing they sell  pistachios.

unsalted pistachio nuts

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