Mahan Mehr Darys Manufacturing and Trading Company, registered in Rafsanjan’s government office with registration number 3400,  the owner of Darys Brand, is active in the field of production and trade of various kinds of nuts in, Iran’s Pistachio Production Center Kerman province, Rafsanjan city. The main products of this company are pistachio, pistachio kernels, Almonds, Almond kernels and Cumin.

This company has been exporting directly dried fruits to countries such as Lebanon, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Finland, Qatar and Norway, and indirectly to  China, Turkmenistan, Italy, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

The customers of the markets inside and outside Mahan Mehr Darys Company can be found among the companies and brands such as Ofogh Korosh, 202, Ramadah, Nanjing, Golestan, Ronik, Novin Protein, Oil Company, University of Tehran and others.